Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bonus Day April 2, 2016

Minneapolis General Hospital ca. 1931. It later became Hennepin General Hospital and finally Hennepin County Medical Center. The buildings were demolished and replaced with the current complex pictured below in 1976 
On this day in 1974,  I was admitted to Annex 8 at Hennepin County General Hospital in kidney failure. With a near lethal level of potassium, I was started on dialysis and a potassium lowering medication. The Angel of Death hung around lurking for a few more weeks, then finally gave up and went home. There is more about this topic at: , and

My memory of the exact date is a little fuzzy due to my condition, but in my mind at least, April 2nd is the date I started living on bonus time. In 1975 I had kidney transplant at the then
Yesterday I got a phone call from Dr. Davies, a pulmonologist at Hennepin County Medical Center
2016 HCMC complex with the new US Bank Stadium under construction isn the background