Sunday, June 13, 2021

Thirty Reasons I Love This Woman, # 24 The Tooth

Such a beautiful smile
With her big blue eyes
And pearly whites, all the while
Closed mouth to the camera spies

 She thought it very unsightly
There in the corner of her mouth
One tooth misaligned slightly
Led her appearance to doubt

Though endearing to me, the dentists came by
And put in bridges, crowns and such
No longer camera shy
For the camera she smiles very much

Her appearance is something she cares about
And I love her for that

Thirty Reasons I Love This Woman, # 25 Who Comed Over

 A mid -summer day

Bonnie and the toddler
On the front porch step
Re-telling the story
About that snowy January day
We brought her home
From the adoption agency

“Who comed over?” asked Sara
“Oh, everybody came to see
The wonderful new baby.”
She re-told about the grandmothers
And aunts, uncle, neighbors, and friends
And how they were all delighted
To see the new baby

She cares about family
I love her for that